Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Monster: Crypt Crawler

I've never created new monsters for my games. I've always been content with the stock of creatures from the various rulebooks and manuals. But as I've learned to become more flexible with the rules of the game I've learned to use the rules as a guideline to create the type of game that I want to run.

Since running a game with a more pulpy feel was my intention, I wanted to de-emphasize some of the more high-fantasy elements of the game. I wanted to add a creepier critter that can replace the standard Goblin in terms of monster challenge (not that I won't have hoards of goblins on my players tail from time to time) so I came up with the Crypt Crawler, which my players christened the Crotch-Goblin.

CRYPT CRAWLERS (also known as Crotch-Goblins by seasoned adventurers)
These 4 foot tall, thin yet quite strong cave dwellers with ash grey skin live in complete darkness and use sound to “see”. They communicate with a series of clicks and screeches. Their faces are completely eyeless with but a large toothy mouth. Crypt Crawlers scavenge and hunt in packs. They attack twice with their claws but may leap onto a victim and try to bite them. They eat the decayed flesh off the bones of corpses but are vicious and prefer to eat fresh flesh.

Crypt Crawlers/Crotch Goblins:
HD: 1d6; AC 9[10]; Atk 2 claws 1d3 or Atk 1 bite 1d6; Move 12; Save 18; CL/XP B10; Special: After 2 successful claw attacks in the same round will cling to victim and bite.


  1. that's a cool creature with a cool picture too!

  2. I might be stealing this. So, why the crotch part of the name crotch-goblin?

  3. Because it leaped onto one of the PC and everyone assumed, since it was short, it was going for the crotch. They didn't know what the heck it was so they called it a Crotch-Goblin. It created a lot of laughs at the table. I thought it would be a good slang name for these creatures that characters would use if they ran into them.