Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Players Are Awesome!

Okay, this is just too great to not share.

Mike Moran, (Kirby Toth Dude) who plays Wolfheir in our Swords & Wizardry campaign doodles up a drawing commentary of the game as we play. It's crazy, every time I look up from behind the screen he's got, like, seven more figures drawn on his sketch pad. I've known him for a while and he's a great guy and great artist.

Mike sent me these scans of the drawings from our sessions and he was kind enough to give me permission to display these quick doodles here in this post. I'll update the campaign commentaries with the images as well. I hope he continues doing this as I think it brings a great element to our gaming table. A big thanks to Mike for sending them to me. When you get a chance, check out Mike's about Classic Comic Art.

Again, my players are awesome. They've had just as much input in creating this adventure as I have and I appreciate their creativity and enthusiasm at the table. These are great guys and I'll have to chat more about them later.

Now, if only Clay (Gedleesmote) would send me his images of the Dwarven Coin Lords....hint....hint.

Our party from session 2 in after they ran into some spiders and discovered a wardrobe with some shrunken heads.

Slick Vinny getting smacked-down by a Zombie in Session 3

Meeting up with the wizard in the tower - session 3

Our party of fool hardy adventurers. Notice that Gedleesmote is carrying the carpets, monkey cage and severed heads. "Everything is loot!"

Tibag leaping over the city wall to escape the town watch. Session4

Wolfheir and Gedleesmote preparing to ambush their tail who turned out to be Tibag.

Arvin wasting the lone pirate - session 4.


  1. LOL! Yeah its fun! I get into the adventure and it just makes me doodle!

  2. Thanks for letting me post these, they're too cool for words.

    I hope you continue the doodles during the sessions.

  3. Those are just plain awesome. Great stuff, Mike!
    - Corey

  4. Those are great! You are very lucky to have such a doodler in your midst. Seems like an awesome way to journal significant events in the game.