Friday, September 16, 2011

A Little Friday Fun With Kingdom Rush

I'm not one to play or even promote video games especially online 'flash' games but I ran across this online game the other day and found it pretty fun. It's called Kingdom Rush by Ironhide Game Studio.

It's a great little concept of protecting a kingdom from invading goblins, orcs, wolves and other creepy things by strategically placing defending towers of soldiers, archers, wizards and bomb flinging dwarves along the road to various towns. Your job is to pretty much prevent the monsters from passing down the road by killing them.

The graphics and animations are fun and it very much has a hint of D&D to it that I think you all would like.

Kingdom Rush!


  1. Addictive! I managed to get to the fourth level before getting overrun by ogres, bandits and wolfs and whatnot...

  2. Just gave it a try -- fun little game!

  3. I got addicted to Kingdom Rush. Played it through twice (and by "through" I mean completing both special challenges for each level too). If you remember the game Majesty from around 2000 or so, the tone is very much the same, although the play is more in the line of tower defense than 4X.

  4. Oh, lord! I could waste so much time on that game! :)

  5. I tried the game for the first time at work and now I'm always looking for a way to fit it in at the end of the day or something. Very bad!

  6. Dangerous! I thought I was going to get some work done tonight. Arrrghh!

    - Ark

  7. That sounds like a clever re-theming of the 'tower defence' concept. One of those ideas that seems obvious once someone thinks of it.


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