Tuesday, March 21, 2023

5e Session VII: Wave Echo Cave

Aurora Boree Alice - Human Cleric
Chuck Norris - Elf Ranger
Purina - Half-elf Druid
Your Majesty - Human Wizard 

With Gundren safe and his map in hand, the party accompanied the dwarf to the entrance of the lost Wave Echo Cave.  There, they met Gundren's two brothers, Nondro and Bluto having just broke through the opening into the lost cave.  

With the brothers guarding the entrance, the party, along with Gundren, entered the Wave Echo Cave.  

Finding a cavern filled with the skeletal remains of a battle between dwarves and orcs, the party was besieged by a swarm of Stirges which sucked the party's  blood to their fill until defeated. 

Heading into a northern passage, they came upon a door.  Hearing nothing Chuck Norris opened the door and disturbed three ghouls sucking on dried bones. Chuck Norris closed the door and the party prepared to ambush the Ghouls as they burst through the door.  Under their biting attack, Purina transformed into a bear, extinguished the torch and knocking Chuck Norris and Aurora to the ground. As the ghouls continued their attack, Aurora cast a light spell and the party continued to battle the ghouls with Chuck Norris splitting them in two and the bear ripping them apart.

After the battle, Your Majesty questioned Gundren about what they were doing here. Gundren said that the cave hasn’t  been explored in hundreds of years and appears to be infested with vermin.  Gundren offered a 10% share of the profits produced by the cave but Your Majesty wanted 20% for each party member. Gundren laughed it off and said at best he could offer 15% to the party as a whole.  Your Majesty was insistent and wanted the larger share for each party member. Chuck Norris started to agree discussed with Your Majesty taking the caves for themselves and killing the dwarf.

Fearing for his life, the dwarf ran off.

Aurora and the bear became angry with their companions and ran off after the dwarf in the hopes to make amends.

When they made it back to the entrance, they heard a commotion in the cave. Chuck Norris climbed to the edge and peered into the cave to see one of the dwarves dead on the ground, the other brother captive by two Red Brands, Gundren in battle with Two Red Brands and the mysterious Glasstaff!

Chuck Norris flipped himself into the cave and fired an arrow at Glasstaff, wounding him. The wizard immediately, casts a spell on the elf and paralyzes him in place. The Bear and Aurora climb up the cave cliff to confront Glasstaff and his Red Brands while Your Majesty attempt to follow.

The Red Brands kill Gundren and began hacking into the Bear.  Aurora and the now free Chuck Norris, battle Glasstaff. Aurora mortally wounds the wizard and he tires to surrender but Chuck Norris finishes him off with an arrow to the face.

The Bear and Aurora defeat the remaining Red Brands who surrender.

(it's about time something fun actually happened in the game!)

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