Tuesday, March 14, 2023

5e Session VI: Cragmaw Castle

Aurora Boree Alice - Human Cleric
Chuck Norris - Elf Ranger
Purina - Half-elf Druid
Your Majesty - Human Wizard

At Agatha's lair, Chuck Norris and Purina engage with the spectral banshee. She offers to direct them to Cragmaw Castle if they promise too find an heirloom neckless that King Grol had stolen from her. They agree and Agatha discloses where in Nevewinter Woods they can find the Goblin castle.

Traveling for a few days they enter Neverwinter Woods and find the trail to a ruined castle. Chuck Norris explores around the perimeter and finds a trail that appears to lead to a wall. Upon closer inspection he finds that the 'wall' is just a piece of canvas painted to look like the castle.  They found a safe way inside!

Gathering the party together into the castle, they begin to explore the darkness. Purina leads them to a small hallway and a closed door. Hearing voices on the other side in a heated discussion, they burst in and find King Grol and a dark drow elf in discussion over the body of Gundren Rockseaker the Dwarf!

A fierce battle ensues, with King Grol and the Drow along with his pet wolf Fang and two Hobgoblin bodyguards that appear.

 With King Grol defeated, the wounded Drow magically changes into a bear and run out the castle without her prize.

With the Goblin King and his guards defeated, the party rescues the dwarf, secure the map too Wave Echo Cave and find Agatha's heirloom neckless which they return to her.

They return to Phandalin with Gundren Rockseaker and the map to Wave Echo Cave!

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