Thursday, November 3, 2022

5e Session III: A Goblin Hideout, Finally!

The next morning it was decided that the party should finally seek out the whereabouts of Gundren and Sildar. Not sure where to begin, they ask the Stonehill Innkeeper and he pointed them to speak with Halia in the Miner's exchange.

Speaking with Halia, they didn't learn much about any goblin hideout but she tells them that she heard a rumor that there was a goblin hanging out with the Red Brands and they it might know where the hideout was.

The party decided to head out on their own back to where they were attacked by the goblins on their way to Phandalin. 

Heading back to the Tribor Trail, they rediscovered the half-eaten bodies of the dead goblins and horses. Chuck was able to pick-up the goblin trial and lead the party into the woods. It's not long, however, that Chuck triggers a snare and is pulled up into the trees. Purina, with the help from Aurora gently lowered the ranger back to the ground.

Proceeding on with more caution, Chuck is able to avoid another trap that that goblins had set.

As dusk approached, they came across a small clearing with a dead body. It was the dead and mutilated body of a naked half-ogre pierced by the same black feathered arrows that fell Gundren and Sildar's horses.

They headed off trail and camped for the night in the wilderness each taking a turn as a night watch.

In the morning they continued to head down the trail but Chuck found that now there were dog prints with the goblins.

It's not long before the forests breaks and they stood before a cave opening in a hillside. Chuck, snuck quietly over to the opening and discovered two goblins poking and torturing a wounded dog. The Ranger signaled his companions and Purina snuck over to assist Chuck as Aurora and Your Majesty ready themselves. Purina transformed into a bear and her and her and Chuck attack and slay the goblins.  Aurora came over and healed the wounded dog and now had a new companion.

The party finally entered the cave and discovered three wolves chained up in a side passage but they continued forward. With Aurora and Your Majesty blind in the dark, they climb on the back of Purina in bear form and Chuck lead the way deeper into the cave.

It's good he did as he spied a goblin on a bridge spanning across the passage.  The Goblin tossed a spear which stuck into the bear but Chuck was quick and fired an arrow which killed the goblin.

Following the winding cave, the party discovered a room with a waterfall and two pools of water  guarded by a couple of goblins. Your Majesty and Chuck attacked the goblins but one escaped to bring reinforcements. 

The leader of the gang, Klarg the Bugbear arrives with more goblins and a fierce wolf. A battle to the death ensued and left Aurora very near death and the bear defeated but with some luck and magic, the party prevailed and defeated Klarg and his minions.

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