Thursday, October 27, 2022

5e Session II: Putting the Red in Red Brand

Aurora Boree Alice - Human Cleric
Chuck Norris - Elf Ranger
Purina - Half-elf Druid
Your Majesty - Human Wizard

The party continued their conversation with Sister Garale and she pointed out two Red Brands that were watching. She told them that Farmer Alderleaf’s son had a run in with the Red Brands. It was decided to chat with Farmer Alderleaf and his son Carp.

Finding the farm on the edge of town they meet Qunlin Alderleaf and his son. Carp told them that he had found a cave in the forest and saw a couple of Red Brand talking with an ugly furry creature.  He was scared that they might catch him so Chip hid until he had a chance to escape.

The party asked Carp to lead them to the cave which he did.  Exploring the cave opening they didn't find anything of interest so decided that they would explore the cave themselves. Chuck and Aurora, wanting to protect the boy from any dangers walked him back to the edge of the forest and back to his farm, but, peering out from the cover of the trees, they spied the two Red Brands that were spying on the party earlier.  The Red Brands climbed over the wall and head towards the woods.  

The party headed back to the cave entrance and took cover as the Red Brands arrived.  After looking around for the party, the Red Brands surmised that they must have entered the cave. The Brands drew their swords and entered the cave.

The party waited to see if the Red Brands came back out but they never did.

It was decided to head up to Tresendar Manor and take a look around for the Red Brands. From the ruins they found stairs leading down to the cellar door.

Descending into the cellar they discovered crates and barrels full of stored food and supplies. Filling most of the cellar was a large cistern full of water.  Within the pool of water, Chuck found a waterproof bag with clothes, gold and some potions.  While the party argued about which door to go through they were discovered by the slumbering Red Brands in a room next door.  A fight broke out and two of the Red Brands are killed and one surrendered. 

Your Majesty interrogated the prisoner and they learned that the Red Brands had only arrived in Phandalin a couple of months ago and that they are being lead by Glasstaff who is taking orders from someone going by the name of the Black Spider.

Your Majesty murdered the prisoner and they dumped all the bodies into the cistern.

Continuing through the one of the doors Chuck discovered that there was a false floor in the hallway.  As they traversed, around the trap, Aurora fell into the pit. After pulling her back up on the other side, they opened a set of double brass doors and found a crypt with skeletons lying on the floor on the other side.

Deciding it best to avoid any more dangers, they turned around to leave but had quite a bit of trouble getting back to the other side of the pit.  Purina fell into the pit and is knocked unconscious.  Chuck, tried to help her but also fell in.  Eventually Aurora and Your Majesty were able to pull them up and they leave the cellars the the ruins of the manor.

Heading back to town and passing the Sleeping Giant Tap Room, they were accosted by a gang of four Red Brands.  Purina and Aurora approached them try to seduce them with the cleric attempting to preach to them but the Red Brands harassed the ladies and dismissed their gentlemen companions.  

Your Majesty had enough and cast Fog Cloud to engulf the Red Brands which also engulfed their compatriots.  Your Majesty and Chuck reached in and pulled out Aurora but also a Red Brand.  Purina ran out of the cloud on the other side along with a couple of Brands. A fight ensued and Chuck went down before the rest of the Red Brands were defeated and dead.  

The Grista of Sleeping Giant Tap Room along with some townsfolk witnessed this confrontation. Grista is shocked and dismayed at the Red Brand's defeat, however, the townsfolk celebrate the party as heroes for standing up to the Red Brands and they all head to the Stonehill Inn. 

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