Friday, May 22, 2015

Session LXXV: The Sad Final Fate of Fumark The Foul

Current Player Characters:
Torvin Fulvousmith (Dwarf)
Minimus (Cleric)
Skwanky (Halfling)
Thenus (Ranger)
Wang Du (Monk)
Centari (Elf) 

Hirelings and Henchmen
Biggs - Mercenary
Steak - Man-at-Arms
Werm - Man-at-Arms
Relford - Man-at-Arms

Fumark the Foul
5 Men-at-arms
2 burly Bodyguards

With the entire party standing before the great pair of iron doors leading to the dragon's lair, our chivalrous party plots how to get Furmark and his men to walk through the doors to become victims of the dragon.  Centari, with his magic sword Mindshiv, telepathically communicated with the dragon beyond the door and told him that they had brought Fumark to meet justice for slaying the dragon's mother Medora.  The Dragon Gramath decided to hide down a hallway to ambush his victims while the party would open the doors and let Fumark's party carelessly enter the lair once they saw the  unguarded riches piled there.

With the plan set, Torvin and Minimus attempted to open the large doors and a couple of Fumark's men helped.  Once the doors were opened, Furmark's men spied the unguarded hoard and rushed in.  Fumark, wary of a trap, approached slower but it was useless as he had already fallen into the trap!  With Fumark and his men inside the dragon's lair, Minimus cast hold person on Fumark which froze him to his spot.  One of his body guards turned to see what was delaying Fumark but was shot in the face by an arrow from Thenus.  It was then that the dragon came out of hiding and the frighten men tried to retreat but Torvin and Minimus closed the doors upon them and left them to the fate of the fiery breath of the dragon.
In moments, Fumark's men were dead and the cautious party slowly opened the door to see the young Gramath lording over the enchanted and helpless Fumark.  The party took some time to parley with the dragon who was grateful for the party's help in bringing Fumark to him but, having let them live earlier, considered their transaction completed. Skwanky the halfling, in a quite characteristic manner, handed over the Soul Gem to the Dragon hoping that Gramath would study it and free his friends.  The dragon gladly accepted the "gift" and saw the party to the door, impatient to begin spending some 'quality time' with his mother's killer.

Outside the lair there was some debate whether to go back in and attack the dragon and steal the treasure but it is decided to wait and perhaps some other day return.   So the party headed back up to level three of the dungeon and continued their search for the Boomish Shield which they were hired to find.

Exploring some more halls and passageways they came upon an iron door beyond which was an armored knight sitting atop a throne.  The knight slowly stepped down and asked the party to leave for he did not want to harm them. The party, of course, didn't leave and instead tried to open the large pair of iron doors which were hopelessly magically locked.  The cursed knight engaged the party and reluctantly tried to slay them.  Eventually the knight was 'slain' and his sword taken from him.  They left the cursed knight and continued their exploration retracing their steps.

Coming upon a chamber with a large crack in the floor and millions of tiny crawling ants, the party tried to cross the room but soon stepped on the tiny insects which would turn into a pair of Ant-men.  As they battled the Ant-men more of the tiny insects would get stepped on which would bring forth more Ant-men and so on. It is here that the party's men-at-arms, Steak and Werm, fell. It was quickly found to be a loosing battle and the party began to retreat but they were separated from each other by the forming hoard of Ant-men.  The party split up and headed out two different doors and resorting to flaming oil to slow the Ant-men down.

With Ant-men burning and the doors to the chamber closed, the bloody and separated party soon found each other again and continued  their search...

The proper way to kill an Ant-man is through an unfulfilled life.

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