Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Toying With Marvel Value Stamps

Who would have thought growing up in the 70's (and 80's) for that matter that we would be seeing these Marvel heroes brought to the screen in such an authentic and successful fashion?  I never did.  That's why I love, love, love these Marvel movies.  Back in the 70's Marvel use to put these 'collector' Value Stamps in the back pages of their books.  You were meant to cut them out of your comic and collect them in a book.  I never did that but you could not miss those stamps with every Marvel hero is some icon pose.  Now-a-days telling someone to clip something out of their comic book would be blasphemous!  But back then, for .25¢ or .30¢ you'd get the good ol' newsprint comic that, yes, you would occasionally mark up and cut them up.

Yesterday I worked up the Captain America one.  Then I thought it would be amazing and fun to see just how many of these characters have been brought to the screen in a bit way.'s pretty amazing.

More to come...

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