Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Marvel Stamps

Something that I'm toying around with.
 I just love these Marvel movies.  Having grown up with these characters on the comic pages I'm more than thrilled that they've been making these movies.  I don't read the hero comics much these days but these movies have filled that gap.  I look forward to each installment as I did a new monthly comic back in the day.  Back in the 70's Marvel use to put these 'collector' stamps in the back pages of their books.  I guess they were meant for you to cut them out.  I never did.  Now-a-days telling someone to clip something out of their comic book would be blasphemous!  But back then, for .25¢ or .30¢ you'd get the good ol' newsprint comic that, yes, you would occasionally mark up and cut them up.

More to come...


  1. We enjoy these movies as well. Great fun. This past weekend we finally got to see the second Cap and the second Thor.

    Love the idea of the stamps. We're also digging the Batman stamps. Do you have any Classic Monster Movie stamps?

    Still got mine.

    Big hello to you and your wife. I'm still enjoying my juicer you guys recommended.

    Thanks, bunches.

  2. I just purchased a 100 Batman stamps at the PO. Iwould so buy these!