Friday, December 26, 2014

Session LXVII: The Water. Don't Touch The Water

A note from the Warlock
Still catching up on our session recaps.  Making progress, soon to be completed.

Current Player Characters:
Edan (Atlantean)
Minimus (Cleric)
Su (Cleric)
Thenus (Ranger)
Wang Du (Monk)
Centari (Elf)

The next morning there was a frenzy within the Uk'Chuk clan as some of their clan members were attacked by the 'cave-god' and the party was asked to investigate.

They followed the blood and bear tracks to the cave and cautiously entered.  The Cave Bear leaped out and mauled Minimus but Wang Du was quick to react and stuned the bear with a single punch.  The rest of the party just hacked away at the stunned and helpless beast.

The clan now looked upon the party as if they were gods and when Minimus cured one of their clan members, that feeling is reinforced.  The next day the shaman gave each of them a potion and three of the clan's warriors volunteered to join the party and take them to Xlarthan's tower.

Once through the snow covered Gimm Hills, they found the trapdoor at the ruins and the neanderthals lead the party down into the dungeons below.  They came upon a room that was guarded by a grumpy ogre who asked them for the password, which of course they did not have.  But the beast wasn't a match for the party and weapons were drawn and is soon dispatched. 

Some more exploration turned up a stinky latrine with hobgoblin graffiti and in a large empty chamber, Centari found a secret door with a ladder leading down deeper into the dungeons.  Once again the Neanderthals lead the way down the ladder which descended for a very long distance.

Finally, grunting is heard and there was a foul musky odor.  Minimus droped a torch down the hole and it finally landed on a floor.  There, three curious white apes appear.  Minimus dropped a flask of oil which ignited the beasts.  The Cave Men leaped down and attacked the wounded apes but as the rest of the party descend into the chamber more apes appeared and a fierce battle took place.

When those apes are defeated even more arrived with one even carrying a sword!  Those apes too, however,  are soon dispatched with the sword wielding one just running around crazy like.  When Minimus attempted to speak with it the Ape retorted in a very un-apelike way and said it's name was Mindshiv which turned out to be the sword who was tired of being handled by the Ape.  The ape is killed and the sword is carefully wrapped and stored.
More exploration of the ape's lair only turned up a pile of coins so the party continued on exploring the dungeon finding a room whose ceiling is covered in tiny spiders (which they feared), a room with a pile of ashes and stairs leading up that appeared to be wet.  Wand Du touched the "water" on the stairs which turned out to be Grey Ooze.  After rescuing their wounded comrade and trying to attack a very dangerous foe, they decided it best to get away from the ooze.

Exploring down another passage they found a very large and empty pillared chamber.  Finding a wide passage with doors at the end, they enter into another chamber with a number of doors and an equal amount of unopened sarcophagi.  Feeling that they've gotten into some pretty freaky and dangerous shit, they decided to head back to the surface and rest for the night.


  1. Thanks for updating the campaign journal, it is a great read!

  2. I enjoy reading them as well. Do you enjoy writing these post, because it reads like you do.

    Happy 2015 and boogie boogie.