Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Session LXV: Behold: The Big'uy!

A note from the Warlock
Still catching up on our session recaps.  Making progress with a few more to go.

Current Player Characters:
Edan (Atlantean)
Minimus (Cleric)
Su (Cleric)
Thenus (Ranger)
Wang Du (Monk)

Having warned the town about the Gnolls being controlled by a Beholder in the caves of Brushwood, it was decided that a war-party be formed to deal with this menace.

The party sought the aid of Tyrius the magician in Fishersville and he lent them one of his Stone Guardians.  They also traveled to Thorngrove to seek assistance from Lillian the Druid of the wood who, regardless of the shift in timelines, was pregnant with Gnarly's child. She lent them the use of one of her Grizly Bears. Along with the two mercenaries who had rescued them on the road, the town bowyer and a couple of watchmen along with a captured Gnoll freed of the Beholder's spell, the party was set to face the "Big'uy" once more.

With Gnoll leading the way they entered the caves through a secret entrance.  Following a similar path through the caves that lead to their escape they soon came upon the empty lair of the Big'uy.  There they hid for an ambush while the two mercenaries and Wang Du headed down a side passage that the bear refused to traverse.  There in a chamber they found the Beholder's treasure.  Wand Du headed back to the party to face the menace but the two mercenaries stayed behind to attempt to gather the treasure for themselves. 

In the main cavern, the Beholder returned with his Bugbear guards and was ambushed by the party. Even with the Grizly bear and the Stone Guardian and the others, the battle went poorly from the start.  The Beholder turned the bear into a pig and slowed the attack of the Stone Guardian to a meaningless annoyance.  It was Thenus' and the Bowyer's attack with arrows that were making any progress knocking out the many eyes of the beast.  With Minimus and Edan also slowed it looked as though the Beholder and his minions may have had the day but with some forceful attacks and one final blow from the Stone Guardian, the Beholder was defeated and the Bugbears slain.

With the Gnolls freed from the control of the Big'uy, they vowed never to harass the travelers from the area and to leave the caves and left the party to their own devices which would be to attempt to gather the Beholders treasure guarded by some unseen and deadly threat.

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