Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Ultimate Mega-dungeon -- If You're An Ant!

Retired entomologist Walter Tschinkel casts live ant colonies in aluminum to reveal the most amazing and alien underground structures.  A pretty incredible mega-dungeon if you ask me with all the best elements to confuse the most veteran of explorer.

So, who has the lifetime to key this out?

More info here. Be sure to check out the video too!

Look to the ants, my fellow DMs, look to the ants
Poor ol' Hank Pym.  You better start work on that cybernetic helmet!


  1. I don't care how much treasure might be in those chambers all the way at the bottom of those structures...I am not going down there, even as an imaginary elf!

    1. I have a feeling that heading that deep down is a one-way trip!

  2. Are you SURE that one "life-time" would be enough to get it done? LOL

    I think I'd head down there . . . Were I a Necromancer type wishing to establish my own domain -- because I think climbing back out would be too much work! ROFL

    Nice stuff, Bliss. Thanks for sharing this.