Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tales Of High Adventure Now Available For Kindle

Earlier this year my colleagues and I put out in print what we hoped would be an on going series of pulp adventure stories called Tales Of High Adventure. The first issue contained reprints of some of our favorite pulp authors from Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft as well as new authors and comic stories.

Our hope was to continue the series with new authors and new stories.

Unfortunately, life always takes unexpected turns. Though we had put together most of the second issue we never quite finished it for publication.

During the summer we put out our Tales of High Adventure Radio Plays: Beneath the Ruined Tower of Zenopus. We hoped you enjoyed those and have some more in the works.

Well, as we finally get back together to tackle finishing up issue 2 of our Tales of High Adventure pulp magazine I've put together the original book for Kindle readers. Since there were a number of comic pages and illustrations I found the Kindle ebook format worked best for our publication.

So those with Kindles check out great pulp adventures with our Tales of High Adventure book now available on Kindle through Amazon.

The book is still available through ComiXpress in print format!

Available for the NOOK too!


  1. Cool! Something now for the Fire I just got.

  2. @whisk - Not available for Nook...yet. Hoping to get it over there soon. The Kindle format works pretty good with the images. Standard ebook format, not so much. I have to spend a bit more time tweaking the formatting to get it to where I would be happy with.

    @Trey - If you do pick it up drop me an email and let me know how it looks/works out. The comic pages are still a bit experimental. I've tested it and it should work fine.

  3. We just started reading on the Nook and I'm amazed how much I like it. I'm reading Frankenstein for the first time. Published anonymously in 1818 and I'm eReading it now.


  4. I bought my wife a Kindle for her birthday and we've both been pretty impressed with it. We both still love good ol' pulp books of all kinds but the eReaders are great for all kinds of reading.

  5. I like that I read in the dark without a flashlight. So great. But yeah, still love books. Bought Wimpy Kid the other day and it had to be the real book for that one.

    Happy Reading to you and Mrs. Bliss.