Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Campaign Hex Map

So I've had to work up a full 11 x 17 campaign hex map with a 2 mile scale.

I've worked up pieces of the map before in a 10 x 10 hex format on the One Page Wilderness pages and populated most of the hexes randomly.

You'll notice that the hex numbers repeat as those are pieces of the 10x10 hex maps which fit on the one page wilderness layouts. I've had to piece these together and add the currently 'unexplored' areas into this larger map so the players can get a better view as they travel around Caladan which we will be using the chits form Death Maze!


  1. Really nice work. What program did you use to make them?

  2. Mostly photoshop but GIMP would work just as well. Just layered the colors, textures (from Bat In the Attic) and hex map. Text was done in Illustrator and dragged over to PS.