Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Session: XXVIII: Moon-Tower

This session began four weeks after our party exited the deep tunnels beneath Zenopus' Tower carrying the body of the slain Adara.

During those four weeks of mid-winter, Arven's Avengers, persuaded strongly by Televon, decided to claim the ruined tower for their own and christened it Moon-Tower.

Going into Caladan to hire some men-at-arms to guard their new digs, Slick Vinny slipped off to the Green Dragon Inn and met with his secret brotherhood the Crafty Mages to inquire about some additional spells. In town, Gnarly and Televon hired some carpenters to begin work on rebuilding the tower's ruined third level. Afterwards,, Gnarly left the group to return to Harrowood to commune with nature and to rebuild his mushroom-man army.

At the end of the four weeks there is quite a bit of hustle and bustle amidst the tower and many townsfolk of Caladan were abuzz with talk of the new tenants of the tower, some quite excited about it while others apprehensive and fearful of a dread outcome to that venture. Of course, all this happening under the distant watchful eye of the Merchant Guild of Caladan.

Having depleted much of their resources and quite fatigued with logistics of reconstruction, the party, consisting of Gnarly Blunderbrush, Initiate 3rd Circle; Televon, Priest of Morpheus; Wofheir the Viking Barbarian; Tibag Backstabber - robber; Slick Vinny, Conjurer; Skwanky Furrytoe, Halfling Swordsman; Maudlin the Dwarven Warrior and joined by Adessa the Amazon Adept of the Goddess decided to once again brave the depths of the basements of their new Moon-Tower.

Returning to the deepest level yet below the ground, the party returned to the mysterious cat room and the pool of green mist. After much debate, Tibag volunteered to be lowered into the mist by rope. Skwanky would go along with him for back up.

Both companions were lowered into the pool of mist. After a very short time of being in the mist, they found themselves within a chamber, to their left a twenty foot alcove with a luxurious couch, a table atop of which was a small wooden chest; to their right, another twenty foot alcove with a twisted iron stand holding a gilded gold sphere! Below, a bottomless pit of doom!

Tibag and Skwanky were swung over to the left side and explored the couch and chest. The chest was discovered to be locked and after a quick probing for traps, Tibag picked the lock. In doing so, his finger was pricked by an unseen needle but the poison didn't have any affect on him. Inside the chest was a vial of smoky liquid and a small gold key.

Being carried over to the other side by their companions above, Tibag and Skwanky began to examine the iron stand and the golden sphere. Inside the sphere is spied a large spherical crystal looking much like a cat's eye marble. Tibag placed the key in the hole and no sooner does a lynx appear behind them. Skwanky quickly dispatches the lynx and they get back to the crystal within the golden sphere.

As Tibag unlocks the sphere they heard a growl from behind as there had appeared a mountain lion! Again, Skwanky fought this cat, and nearly dying forces the mountain lion over the edge. It is decided to send Maudlin down.

With the dwarf below, Tibag opens the lid to remove the crystal. In doing so, a Lion appears. Tibag and Maudlin fight the lion and soon defeat it. The crystal is put into Maudlin's bag while Skwanky and Tibag are hauled up. Televon yells down to Maudlin to not forget the couch to begin furnishing the Moon-Tower!

With Maudlin tied to a couch the mushrooms begin hauling her up but at the moment in which Maudlin breaks the surface of the mist there appeared a Tiger from the open passage. As the mushrooms pulled up Maudlin and the couch the rest of the party with a healed Skwanky battled the lion. Skwanky ended up wounded once again!

Once the Tiger is dispatched appearing from the other opening is a large Sabre-tooth Tiger charging at the party!

Televon shouts at Maudlin to speak commands into the sphere but the dwarf pays no head to the cleric's calls and instead tossed her dwarven hammer at the oncoming beast while the rest of the party bombard it with ranged attacked. As the beast finally slides dead at the foot of the party, brought down by one of Vinny's magic missiles, it is discussed whether to return to the surface to lick their wounds...


  1. That damn reckless halfing! Doesn't he know better yet??

  2. I COUNT on that halfling being reckless!
    ; )

  3. What a great adventure! How daring of the heroes to be lowered down into the mist. I'm glad no one got turned into kitty chow.

  4. In the previous adventure they actually lowered a captured enemy down into the mist first. He screamed and then passed out. That was enough to scare them off of this room then.

  5. It occurs to me that we probably should've had Vinny examine the vial of liquid. The chest held the key to the Sphere, might also the Vial be part of that? I forget if we had it Identified. Just a thought. I thought I hit it with my Mace and killed it, was it dead already? Should I mark a charge off? Anyhows, good times. Good Couch!

  6. I can't quite remember who really gave the final blow but for some reason, I didn't think it was in melee.