Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Ultimate: "My Players Are Awesome" Post

Have I mentioned how awesome my players are? Well last night's session really was something special. As we hit our 23rd session and celebrating our one year campaigning anniversary my players sprung on me a little surprise.

Lo' and behold, they had delivered to me the grand-daddy of all minis. Direct from Otherworld Miniatures:

Yes that's right! Corey (Level 1 Gamer) worked with the rest of the guys to get this treasure delivered into my hands. Words can't describe how marvelous this is. If there's any symbol that represents the OSR and classic gaming or, hell, just fantasy gaming in general it's gotta be this guy here.

This past year of gaming has been truly, without question, the best I've ever experienced. This is one great group of guys to be throwing dice with. They've all come from various gaming backgrounds and have joined under the one banner of Swords & Wizardry. All these players have been so creative with their characters, with game situations and the table talk has to be some of the most hilarious stuff I've run into.

So hats off to these dedicated gamers as well. They've kept the sessions alive and kicking for this past year.

And this just lead into one hell of a memorable game session! And don't think this gift held me back from tossing some big nasties at these guys. Oh, on the contrary! They were stuck face to face with an un-turnable eight foot tall skeleton in plate armor wielding a two handed sword with a single boney arm, and Tibag almost got turned into green slime, and another hoard of a nest full of Crotch-Goblins which, by the end of the battle, Tibag had the nick-name of Tibag - Crotch-Gobbler!

Yes, it was a session for the ages which I will recap soon. So thanks to Corey (Level 1 Gamer), Mike (Milkman-X), Clay, Zach, Brian, Max, Tim and Christy (who participated in her 3rd consecutive session)!


  1. I was going to comment on how awesome the session was, but I'm distracted by the baby with the liquor going right through him.

  2. We just wanted to make sure you knew how much we appreciate your hard work and for bringing our crazy group together. It's been a great year. Here's to many more.

  3. Man, I want my group to cough up some statuary!
    Well done, sir!

  4. Outstanding.

    Oh, and my six year old saw the picture of the baby and said, "What the...?"

  5. Very cool indeed ... good sign when your group is having such a good time with your game they honor you with a gift of any kind ... let alone one so awesome! Great blog!!