Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Session XXII: Jackals Of Darkness

So the party split up for a bit - Wolfheir remained at the temple of Mithra to work on his training, Skwanky sneeked over to the Cloven Hoof for some fine morsels, Adara - Adara was somewhere avoiding the snow.

The rest of the party, consisting of Slick Vinny, Televan, Tibag and their new member Maudlin inquired around the temple about the coming Black Sabbath on the evening of the next day. The adepts of Mithra believed it to be quite real and a time of powerful dark magic. They didn't fear it, though, as they felt that their god Mithra was strong enough to protect them from any cosmic blasphemy.

The party left the temple to get some items identified at the Rolled Scroll and trudged through the still falling snow to Arvik's shop. There they had him identify a ring that would be used to help protect Tibag. They also dropped off a mysterious mace that they picked up off the now dead dark priest of the Black Church. Arvik thought the item mysterious and felt some time was needed in investigating the weapon. He told the party to come back in the morning. They asked Arvik about the Black Sabbath and he replied that he did not believe in such nonsense, that it was all just superstition.

The companions said farewell and trudged through the deepening snow towards Master Bringham's Curiosities shop. All the while the towns-folk of Caladan were rushing about gathering supplies for the uncommon amount of falling snow and the coming of the Black Sabbath. Master Bringham was no exception as he too was packing and closing up shop. Vinny inquired about some magic items which Master Bringham denied having any. He was also asked about the coming Black Sabbath and it turns out the Master Bringham was quite worried about the coming of the darkest night.

They left Bringham to his worries and returned to the temple for the night.

The next day, the day of the Black Sabbath, Gnarly arrived at the temple and reunited with his companions. Televon and Gnarly were concerned about Father Halford, who was now in possession of the Crimson Skull, and with the coming of the Black Sabbath but he refuses to be disturbed.

The party headed out into the almost deserted snow covered streets of Caladan once again and walked over to the Rolled Scroll. On the way they are passed by two men in white robes who recognize Vinny and gave him an odd hand signal. Vinny returned the sign and they approached. They whispered to Vinny if he was going to join them tonight for the ceremony? Vinny respond that he would. They told Vinny to meet them at the Green Dragon Inn after night fall and they would take him there.

At the Rolled Scroll, Arvik informs the party that the mace is a dangerous weapon and can drain the life-force of an enemy up to three times. They thanked him and decide that the best thing to do on the Black Sabbath was to return to the Ruined Tower of Zenopus.

On the way, Gnarly thought it might be good to hire a warrior to aid them on this so called coming night of high dark magic. They stoped at the Green Dragon Inn whose patrons seemed to not let the Black Sabbath stop their revelry . They ask the barkeep if he knew of anyone looking for work and to aid them going beneath the tower. He laughed at them but shouted out to his patrons anyway. The call is answered by a stuttering young woman named Profeia who said that she was an able fighter. Tibag doubted her and challenged her to a duel. They leapt upon the bar but Tibag is surprisingly quickly bested by Profeia. Profeia is hired and they all trudge through the snow to the Ruined tower.

Once again they delve into the basements below, and after having to spend some time getting their bearings they descended to the lower level - a series of winding caves and caverns. They followed a winding and descending cave that took them deeper below the surface than ever before. It is for quite some time that they followed this passage before it opened up into a cavern where they found some digging tools near a large niche in the west wall. From the tools is a dried trail of blood leading out through a narrow eastern passage.

Maudlin lifted the pick-axe and began trying to dig deeper into the niche. While the sounds of the dwarf's digging echoed through the caverns, Televon and Profeia guarded the eastern entrance. As the digging continues, Televon and Profeia heard croaking and scratching sounds coming from down the passage. These grew louder and more numerous. Tibag and Slick Vinny recognized the sounds as coming from Crotch Goblins (Crypt Crawlers)! Tibag charged a bit down the passage and began to fire upon the charging hoard while the rest prepare for battle. Vinny and Gnarly lit a flask of oil and as Tibag retreats back into the room they tossed it down the passage igniting and killing a great number of the blind creatures. The surviving creatures retreat.

Maudlin continued to dig through the wall again and now began to hear a hollow space beyond. As the dwarf broke through more the the Crotch Goblins charged into the room from the south passage. These are quickly dispatched but not before one latched onto Televon and began munching on his flesh.

Maudlin finally broke through the wall. She peered in and saw a man-made chamber beyond, the opposite side of which had a pair of iron double doors that have been burst open from a cave-in beyond. Also in the room are two iron enforced chests and upon a dais, a stone sarcophagus.

A tense excitement ran through the party as they believe they may have found the resting place of Zenopus the Vampire! Tibag entered the chamber but saw two dark shapes approach him. He charged back out of the room as he was attacked by two Jackals with black eyes and black fur and engulfed in black flame!

The party engaged these beasts but these Jackals of Darkness fiercely battled their foes and even go so far as to extend their flame about the Cleric of Morpheus. With the help of Slick Vinny's magic, the beasts were destroyed!

Gnarly healed the wounded with his Staff of Healing as the party entered the chamber. They spread out around the sarcophagus taking cover behind the four pillars holding up the ancient ceiling while Tibag examined one of the chests. Inside he discovered a pile of archaic gold coins and jewels.

The thief moves over towards the other chest and found that it was locked. His attempt to open the lock was unsuccessful so with the help of Televon they pried the top off. Suddenly a cloud of gas erupted from the chest and engulfed the two adventurers. Their eyes glazed over as they began to walk around the room in a mindless daze. The rest of the party grabbed the gold and jewels from within the chests and, making their two dazed companions carry the heavy loot exited the dungeon to prepare for Slick Vinny's appointment with the Crafty Mages.


  1. Dammit! I need to get in the Tower of Zenopus!!

  2. Cool session. It's great the Maudlin's sticking with the group!

    BTW, I noticed the RinCon banner. Are you running a game there?

  3. Yes, I'm planning on running a S&W game. I don't know what it's going to be as I'm still working out the details.

  4. If you've got a pre-pre signup for your S&W Rincon game, let me know.

  5. A good time was had by all! Im a little worried we let Zenupus loose on the world but no matter, tis all a dream.

  6. Sign up for the RinCon Swords & Wizardry event can be found here:

  7. Already there. Looking forward to it.

    Are you using material from your existing campaign? Also the house-rules, like Shields Will be Broken?

  8. All convention game info can be discussed here: