Friday, June 25, 2010

Session XVI: The Hazards Of City Living

The Cloven Hoof tavern was filled with more than it's usual share of minstrels, exotic dancers, wharf workers and men preparing to travel to Morganville to help rebuild the town after it's destruction by the Dragon Medora and Sir Fumark the Foul! And it was here, in this favored tavern, where we found our foolhardy adventures.

Skwanky, celebrating how good it is to be alive, was on his third meal of the evening. Wolfheir was looking for a curvy companion to share the evening with. Tibag was, as usual, outside sitting atop his tree.

The rest of the party spent the night drinking and carousing which would lead to many-a trouble ahead!

Slick Vinny noticed a scholarly gentleman walking across the tavern. This man glanced at Vinny and gave him a secret sign with his hands. Vinny, glanced away embarrassed recalling but not remembering his interactions with the Crafty Mage Society.

Geedleesmote the dwarf observed two rough looking men keeping an eye on him. Thinking that these ruffians might be part of the Brotherhood of the Black Hand he planned to set a trap for them.

About this time, Gnarly along with Slick Vinny and Adara left the Cloven Hoof, quite intoxicated and on the quest for more!

Geedlee, acting more tipsy that he really was, left the tavern and walked down an alleyway. He is followed by the two ruffians who were joined by a third. As they slowly approached the dwarf a sound from behind them attracted their attention. It was Tibag who charged the thugs. The dwarf too, rushed forward and droped his axe into the back of his would be assailant. The thug, caught by surprise turned around with the axe stuck in his back ripping it out of the hands of the dwarf. He then lunged with his sword sinking it deep into the dwarf's flesh! Meanwhile Tibag dispatched one victim and decapitated the other. The head flew through the air and as Geedleesmote tried to tackle his attacker he triped on the rolling head and tumbled to the ground. The Thug raised his sword for a death blow but Tibag ran him through.

Geedlee marked the bodies with a custom stone hammer embossed with a hand which left an impression on the bodies. Tibag and the Dwarf then proceed to quietly dispose of the bodies along the wharf.

The next morning as the companions regrouped in the Cloven Hoof common room with Skwanky, who was already on is second breakfast, they found that three of their company had not returned from the night before! As they proceeded to seek them out, stumbling through the door were Slick Vinny and Gnarly, stripped of all of their possessions and most of their clothing, quite bloodied and beat-up. Obviously beaten and robbed, the two have no memory of what transpired the night before. The last they remembered was getting separated from Adara and ending up at The Green Dragon Inn across town.

They all begin to retrace the steps of their companions when they ran into Adara looking no worse for wear. She was as drunk as her two companions if not more so before they had separated. Adara vaguely remembered being so painfully intoxicated and sick (and quite possibly in some uncompromising position) that she had prayed to the gods and offered to do anything they asked of her if they could get her through this moment of over-indulgence. Apparently, someone was listening…

So heading over to The Green Dragon Inn, the party attempted to retrace the steps of their two companions and try to recover their stolen items. But after questioning the bar-keep who laughed them out of the tavern (Skwanky picked up some breakfast to go) they had no clues to follow.

Not discouraged, they continued their search and stopped at the Rolled Scroll seeking Vinny's stolen magic parchments. Again a dead end. The shop-keep directed them to the west district of town where they may be able to find some more illicit wares.

Heading over to the west district the party found a wild street bizarre with vendors selling all manner of junk, oddities, and pleasures though perhaps a bit wicked. They fanned out seeking shops and sellers that may perhaps be reselling their stolen items. Wolfheir questioned a harlot on the street but she didn't offer up any information unless the Viking 'payed' for it. So upstairs he went to take one for the team!

Slick Vinny found a shop that sold magic scrolls and other 'magical' curiosities, but alas, his stolen parchments were not available. He asks the shop-keep, Varino if he can dig up couple of Magic Missile scrolls. He says he'll see what he can do and to come back later that afternoon.

Gnarly discovered a shop selling exotic incense. Asking Sean the proprietor if he has some Yellow Lotus (a former item of the natural living Druid), Sean says no but he has some Purple Lotus for sale. Gnarly decided to check back with him later to see if he can procure some of the Yellow powder.

Wolf came down with the name of the man that may sell magic items and that name was Varino, the same person whom Vinny has already chatted with.

As they wait for the afternoon to roll around, the party meandered around the bizarre. Adara almost had her purse snatched but the culprit had disappeared into the crowd. Tibag thought about lifting some merchandise but decided against it.

Later, Vinny returned to Varino's shop and lo, Varino was able to obtain one other scroll of Magic Missile. Looking at the scroll, Vinny found that it was indeed his handwriting. Vinny cast an enchantment on Varino who ended up offering Vinny the scrolls at no cost and even the name of his 'supplier', Nails.

Gnarly returned to Sean who had no luck obtaining his Yellow Lotus but again offered his Purple Lotus.

So the party sought this one-eyed Nails and found him hanging out in an alley with a number of tough-guys. Slick Vinny called Nails over who sent one of his henchmen in his place who basically told the mage to Piss Off! But Vinny persisted and eventually Nails and another henchman came over.

Vinny offered Nails some magic items that he inherited from his 'uncle' and that if he wanted it to accompany Vinny to this particular house. Nails laughed at that and walked back down the alley leaving the two henchmen to stare down Vinny. It was here that Vinny tried to cast his last enchantment on Nails but the Henchmen, saw what he was up to, clocked the mage in the face who went down unconscious. As the thug attempted to pilfer any remaining items from Vinny, Skwanky, Gnarly, Wolfheir and Tibag charged the men who immediately took off down the alley with Nails and the other bruisers. Adara followed with her bow while Geedleee tended to Vinny, picked him up and slowly followed along.

Nails and the Thugs tryed to loose their pursuers but to no avail. Eventually they lead the party into a dead end and a battle ensued with crossbow snipers on the roof-top. Wolf and Tibag made quick work of the bruisers but Gnarly is wounded badly in the melee and retreated from the courtyard. Tibag tried to climb one of the walls to get to two of the cross-bow men but slipped and fell. Adara fired with her bow killing one of the marksmen who fell off the roof into the courtyard dead. Wolfheir and Skwanky closing in on Nail kills him just as Tibag made it to the rooftop as the two remaining marksmen retreated through a trap door in the roof.

Searching Nails they found a ring, some coins, a gold neckless and an iron key. The key did not open up any of the doors in the courtyard, however. Searching the bodies it is confirmed that they all were members of the Brotherhood of the Blackhand.

Geedlee marked the bodies with a custom stone hammer embossed with a hand.

The party rushed out of the district....

The beaten and bloody companions return to the Cloven Hoof….


  1. Sounds like a fun adventure. I dig the characters' names.

  2. OH man that was ridiculous. Its really too bad we can't go word for word but I think that would disturb the innanets.