Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pirates, Treasures and Danger

Some of you may remember this from waaaay back. Danger Island! A pretty awesome live action installment that was part of the Banana Splits show. From the credit sequence you might think it's Party Island with everyone flying around, swinging on vines and throwing coconuts around but there was true danger from pirates, cannibal natives and a deserted island. The violence and dark themes (and there are both) are handled with finesse and light-heartedness as should be in a children's fantasy show thanks to director Richard Donnor. Yes, that Richard Donnor director of such films as The Omen, Superman I & II, The Goonies and countless others.

So strap yourselves in for Danger Island! Uh-Oh, Chango!


  1. OH man I remember that. Super cheeeeese!!

  2. Ah yes, I remember Danger Island well. In fact, I caught a little Bananna Splits action on Boomerang! the other day..