Monday, March 1, 2010

Read An RPG Book In Public Week


  1. Oh man, this is for me. The other day I was reading my 1st ed. Monster Manual in my car in the parking lot (it was game night and I wanted to brush up on my rakshasa), and when a co-worker walked by I almost broke my arm trying to hide it under the seat. Reminded me of when I was on the high school football team, and during some roughhousing in the locker room my book bag, containing a couple D&D books with my textbooks, spilled out. Though no team mates saw them, I was terrified.

    I'm going to proudly walk around with my DMG at work this week! I will no longer be afraid!

  2. I know! It's worse than porn!
    Great story, BTW.

  3. Following the image link took me to the Escapist, and some of their promotional banners for the event. I saw a girl reading the Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue while out and about.

    I felt how you feel when someone bends over and you can see their underwear, or when a dog pees on another dog. That is to say, uncomfortable as if due to witnessing something private.

    I guess that's what the event is meant to remedy!