Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Of My Players Are Awesome

Those who've followed this blithering blog may remember that I've mentioned how awesome my players are. So at last night's session, one of our players, Zach, who has actually been out of play for a number of sessions due to real life commitments, bestowed upon us a grand gift.

Now, if you can't tell from my photo, this is the infamous Jones soda D&D Limited Edition 6 pack. Not only is this D&D themed soda chock-full of tasty pure cane sugar goodness, with names like "Sneak Attack", "Potion of Healing" and "Dwarven Draught" it brought a lot of spice and camaraderie to the table.

So thank you Zach, who couldn't be with us (though we expect him to return next session), your potions were quite uplifting. Experience Bonus for you, my friend!