Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where It All Began...

...for me was Holmes.

I first saw the Holmes basic D&D set on a shelf at a local hobby shop back in the fall '78. A traditional model airplane/rocket shop, this was the very first RPG item that they had on display taking up one little tiny space on the rack. I would walk home every day from school and stop at this hobby shop (The Hobbyist) and just get lost in the cover image of that box. Without ever opening it, the title and cover painting triggered something wild in my imagination. I was already reading Howard's Conan thanks to Marvel's comic of that same name and earlier that year saw Bakshi's version of The Lord of the Rings so something was in the air and I was being swept up in it.

It wouldn't be until that Christmas that I received a copy of the game and open that box for the first time. And what treasures to behold! The funny shaped colored dice, the adventure module in monochrome green "In Search of the Unknown" were riches beyond thought!

Now...if I were only able to understand those rules....

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  1. I was the same way! All that imagination sat idle in my head for years before I found a group to game with...Good meeting you guys @ TCC...just printed and bound a copy of S&W ;)