Saturday, October 31, 2009

Knockspell #3 Now On Sale

More good news for Swords & Wizardry fans (and classic fantasy RPGs in general). Issue #3 of Knockspell is out from Mythmere Games and available through Black Blade Publishing. "Knockspell Issue #3 contains a plethora of resources for your retro-clone or out-of-print fantasy game."


Outnumbered but Tough: Musings of a Girl Gamer by “Spike”
From Kuroth’s Quill #3 Allan T. Grohe, Jr.
Pulp Heroes and the Colors of Magic “Akrasia”
Chariot Racing John Vogel
Blame it on the Players: an Editorial Tim Kask
Swords & Wizardry: Silver ENnie Award Winner
Black Armour, Black Heart: the Anti-Paladin Scot Hoover
The Font of Glee Jason Sholtis
The City of Vultures Gabor Lux
Random Wilderness Events Joshua James Gervais
Contest Details
Random Ruin Generator Robert Lionheart
Labyrinth Tomb of the Minotaur Lord R. Lawrence Blake
The Planes: Playgrounds of the Rich and Powerful Jon Hershberger
New Tricks and Traps
New Magic Items
Beginner’s Bestiary Andrew Trent
New Monsters
The Tower of Mouths Matt Finch

And, of course, another great cover by Peter Mullen!
Check it out, it's good stuff!

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