Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Go Fer Yer Gun! New Character Class: Widow

Continuing my two women only classes for Go Fer Yer Gun! by Simon Washbourn and put out by Beyond Belief Games.  As written, the rules define ten character classes; the Brave, Doctor, Drifter, Gunslinger, Maverick, Mountain Man, Muckraker, Preacher, Scout, Wrangler and the Wandering Monk optional class.

Though the west was quite the rough and tough setting and "no place for a woman", women played a big role in establishing the foundations of America's Manifest Destiny.  Though the classes mentioned above can be played by a women as equally as a man, there were two roles common in the western milieu that come up time and time again and were strictly the realm of the tough western woman;  that would be the whore and the widow.  I've added these two classes to my upcoming Go Fer Yer Gun game.


Whether they lost their husbands during the war between the states, on the plains defending their homestead, to sickness and disease or to some gunslinger, the women of the west had to learn to carry on.  They had to learn to run the ranch and deal with the rowdy ranch-hands, deal with shady and unscrupulous land barons and bankers seeking easy 'prey', they had to learn to defend themselves and they're children from Indians, bandits, and unwanted advances.  In other words, they had to fight to be respected as equals among the wild men of the frontier. And fight they did and often won - on their own terms.  These women were no shrinking violets. They were strong women in a untamed country carving out their destinies with a fervor no less intense than their male counterparts. 


Heal (Int):  The power of a women in the west to be a care-taker was not overlooked.  A women can  prevent further blood loss.  With a successful check d3 hit points are restored.  A failed check staunches a wound and returns victim to 1 hp from zero or below.  (See GFYG! pg. 11)

Care & Attention:  If this women spends at least an hour a day tending the wounds the victim, she will add an addition hit point recovery to what the patient already gains from bed rest.  (See GFYG! pg. 11)

Literate (Int):  The widow is able to read and write and is literate in any language she can speak (See GFYG! page 10)

Writing (Int): The widow can write of her adventures in a journal and can sell her story as an article to a magazine or newspaper. (See GFYG! pg 21; writing & article)

Exalt (Cha):  The widow can inspire companions and listeners by her virtue allowing them to surpass their normal level of performance.  This is done with an inspired speech about lawfulness (or unlawfullness), courage and grit.  With a successful check, her allies gain a +2 on any action requiring an attribute check. (See GFYG! pg 22)

Listen:  (Wis):  Always alert, the widow can eavesdrop on  conversations even in noisy environments.

Widow Stats

Prime Attribute: Charisma or Intelligence (player's choice)
Hit Die: d6
Weapons: stingy pistol, pocket pistol, medium pistol, Carbine
Abilities: Heal, Care & Attention, Literate, Writing, Exalt, Listen
Starting Cash: 3d6x10 plus a horse and buggy
Experience point table: A

Level progression table (see Doctor)

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