Sunday, January 1, 2023

5e Session IV: Looking for Clues

Aurora Boree Alice - Human Cleric
Chuck Norris - Elf Ranger
Purina - Half-elf Druid
Your Majesty - Human Wizard

Having barely defeated Klarg, the bugbear leader of the thieving Cragmaw goblins, our party found itself resting and recovering from their wounds in Klarg's lair. It is in this lair that they discovered stolen goods including some weapons and armor - some of which they appropriate for themselves.

While resting, they discover that they were spied upon by a goblin that had wandered upon the carnage but Chuck silently dispatched the sneaking menace.

Continuing their search for the missing the party's employers Gundar and Sildar, they came upon the rest of the goblins who had prepared themselves for these interlopers. However, Purina entangled most of the goblins which made for easy targets for the rest of the party. The vile creatures were quickly dispatched but only Sildar was rescued.  The party discovered that Klarg sent the dwarf and his map of the lost Echo Cave and the fabled Forge of Spells to King Grol, the leader of the Cragmaw tribe in Cragmaw Castle!

Sildar asked the party to escort him to Phandalin and promised to pay them 50 gold for their troubles, but being so late in the day the party headed west to the Wayfarer Inn. There they tried to ask about any knowledge of Cragmaw castle but only found that the Cragmaw tribe has been harassing travelers on the Tribor trail for months.

The next day the party along with Sildar headed out to Phandalin and arrived in the late evening only to find the town dark and windows shuttered. At the Stonehill Inn they learned that the Red Brands had come out looking for the party after they had murdered four of their companions in town and two in the basements of Tresendar Manor.  The Redbrands had harassed the townsfolk looking for clues to the party's whereabouts. A local woodcarver had stood up to the Redbrands after they had leered at his wife and daughter but the ruffians murdered him and now his wife, daughter and son are missing. The innkeeper could not give them any more information on the location of Cragmaw Castle.

Sildar reminded the party to meet him at the Townhall in the morning for the escort payment but the Your Majesty was more interested in finding Cragmaw Castle and convinced the party to leave the inn before dawn the next morning...

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