Friday, October 20, 2017

The Warlock's Tower

For over eighty years, the Warlock lurked in his tower of stone, crafting all manner of trinket and bauble for the many curious novice and veteran travelers that had passed through his portal.

Often, the Warlock would narrate his many wild tales of Swords and Wizardry chronicling the many heroes to have crossed his path to those that would stop by and listen while having a smoke of the ol' pipe-weed and a sip of sweet mead, home-brewed by the Warlock himself. Some say that the Warlock would enchant his brew with a magical reagent said to be none other than the poisonous Black Lotus, used in such a precise portion with which t
o grant one's mind the key to unlocking the door to the veiled world.  This would leave those that partook in the sweet nectar with a sure-foot on the path and spirits lifted.

Throughout the many seasons, the Warlock had shared his craft with those who traveled on the same mystical path. Alas, there came a day when the tower grew dark, and the vines once speckled with sweet scented flowers withered and died, and the ancient stones decayed and fell to ruin.  The Warlock had vanished without a trace.

The gears of time ground on and the tower remained vacant.  Those same curious travelers searched the tower for trace of the Warlock and his fate but no clue was found.  Only rumor and conjecture now filled the minds of traveler and peasant alike.  Some say that a hidden passage had been found leading to tunnels beneath the tower itself. It was in these tunnels that the Warlock may have discovered other mysteries and portals and had left this mortal realm behind and met his mysterious fate.

These rumors proved too tempting for some as explorers entered the tower to pilfer some left behind treasure.  Some, however, never returned at all.

The ruined Warlock's tower still stands to this day, inviting those that wish to explore the maze of tunnels for tales and treasures left behind.

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