Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Session LII: Axe Body Spray

So exploring the rest of the closed doors beneath the ruined temple , our party (Wolf the viking, Arg the half-orc, Thovis of the Black Church and Maximus the untested) found some more crypts and a trapped door that attempted to behead the giant Half-orc.

Physically disabling the trap the party found a small ceremonial chamber with a small idol of a horrific deformed god.  Arg stole the idol for himself and they all moved on to the final door.

Beyond that door they found the wizard Varnagon sacrificing the last bandit to the undead fiend Morgrath the Ghast who stands nearby wearing the circlet from Baron Blackmoor's treasury. 

As the dead bandit rises as a zombie slave to Varnagon, Maximus the untested charmed the vile wizard.  Thovis brought the newly formed zombie under his control while Arg and Wolf charge the Ghast.  Arg is incapacitated by it's stench while Wolf hacks away at it's body with his axe spraying the putrid remains about the chamber.  Morgrath makes one final attempt to resist his foes but, alas, with the circlet originally given to him by his beloved, the dark wizard who was granted immortality by the gods finally succumbs to death.

Meanwhile, Maximus orders Varnagon to call the rest of his undead minions to him.  They fall under Thovis' control and he commands them to slay the wizard.  Then, to dispose of the zombies, the orders them each to open the trapped door, which beheads them one by one.

With the circlet in their possession, they gather the pile of treasure and leave the temple and make their way back to Baron Blackmoor.

Returning the circlet to Baron Blackmoor, he paid it no heed and tosses it to his treasurer.

"Why deal in worthless trinkets when there is blood to be spilled!"  He bellows with a fierce bloodlust in his eyes as he grips the pommel of his mysterious sword.  " Sharpen yer blades lads, for it's time to take back from these desert heathens what is rightfully ours!

 It's off to war as the Baron himself planed to lead the final attack on Caladan....

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  1. Isn't that ever the case?

    One's man's treasure is another man's . . . trinket. LOL