Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tell That Special Gamer How Much You Care

Face it, women gamers are hot!  So why don't you tell that special gamer how hot you think she really is with this awesome Save vs Cute tee-shirt or tank top.  Who needs a Charm Person spell when you hand her one of these?  You'll definitely get a +1 when you tell her she's got an 18 Charisma score with a Save vs Cute shirt from IndieOnly!  Don't delay your action!  Gain initiative now!

Save vs Cute Tee-shirt

All you Grognards know we're not getting any younger, what, with kids and grand-kids.  Get them gaming early with these Charisma 18 with these baby onesies and toddler-tees!  Nothing says "I love you, let's game someday" than one of these fantastic halfling sized 100% cotton inventory items!



  1. Replies
    1. Oh my gosh, the pink kid's
      hoddie, it too cute.

    2. Ut, I found the one I want.
      The women's V-neck in pink.

      Now, where's my husband's
      credit card ...

    3. I expect to see you modeling this on the Happy Whisk!

    4. Hahahahahaaha. How do I say, not gonna happen. But thank you. I honestly cracked up. That's good stuff.

  2. Okay Bliss, ordered it for Whisk. Those are great shirts!

  3. Where are the guys shirts at? :)

  4. My shirt arrived in the post today. Next week sometime I'll post about it. Thanks for the comment about my friend passing.


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