Monday, August 13, 2012

The Warlock Moving Ahead...

As  you know here at the Home Brew I've dabbled in quite a few media projects related to fantasy adventure all for your enjoyment.  From RPG aids and modules, to illustrations, to comics, pulp magazines to radio plays my interests vary widely and I like to explore them and make them available here that hopefully some of you enjoy.

One of my early loves besides comics and movies was animation. At the age of five I would draw slightly changing pictures in the corners of books to make flip-book animations.  With the release of Star Wars (episode Star Wars) and a few too many Ray Harryhausen flicks, I was inspired even more into animation first exploring animating Star War Figures for my version of Star Wars 2 and later into claymation. 

I still have these many original super-8 films stored away (I've never transferred them to video or anything though I still have a super-8 movie projector) and soon after went on to study film and animation in college.

But film and animation gave way to the bass guitar and I moved on to becoming a professional musician for 13 years and eventually found my way into graphic design.

I've always tried to keep connected to my first true loves mentioned above - a great trait that I have which I am grateful for!  So now I'm dabbling back into the long hours of animation.

So, what am I animating?  We'll for my first project I'll be animating a good ol' Dungeons and Dragons inspired cartoon based on the Beneath the Ruined Tower of Zenopus radio play we did last year.

As I work on this project over the next year or so I'll be posting sketches, stills and clips to keep you all informed on the progress of my little undertaking. I've already begun some work on it so you'll be seeing it soon.


  1. That sounds awesome! I can't wait to see it.

  2. yep, sounds like more great stuff from ya!

  3. Loved your Zenopus plays - it would be incredible to see them animated. Good luck and keep us posted :)