Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ICONS: Issue 7

Face To Face With The Iron Cross!

Lord Genovasis - The father of Meta-humans
Automaton - The Mechanical Marvel
Damn Light Bulb - Lowly janitor (formally The Sponge)
The Scarlet Hood - The bane of organized crime and political corruption
Prophylactica - The woman wonder of rubber!
King Cobra
Col.  Francis "Popeye" Sanders 
 We left our heroes in a death match with Professor Drachen's seemingly invincible bodyguard Black Diamond (last issue).  With Col. Sanders down for the count, King Cobra and the DLB (Damn Light Bulb) stood face to face with Black Diamond.  But within moments, the rest of Vanguard 13 arrived (Prophlyactica, Lord Genovasis and Automaton).

Cobra grabbed Black Diamond and began to drain the life out of her with his armored suit while DLB blinded the bodyguard.  Wrapped up by Cobra's skilled wrestling moves she was an easy target for Prophylactica.  Blinded and feeling trapped, Black Diamond leaped into the air with Cobra on her back.    Thinking quick, the wonder woman of rubber stretched out and wrapped Diamond's foot and brought her crashing to the ground.  With the three teaming up on Black Diamond she was soon overcome and put out of commission.

Meanwhile, Automaton and Lord Genovasis rushed towards Professor Drachen and his two victims; All-Star and All American Girl of Vanguard 6.  After a blast from Automaton's laser eyes, Lord Genovasis clocked the Nazi professor out.   Freeing All American Girl, the young side-kick rushed over to the seemingly dead All Star.  After examining the electronic equipment Lord G and Automaton felt that they may be able to save him by reversing the machines of Professor Drachen.  Knowing Lord G's reputation well, All American Girl was wary and didn't want the father of Meta-humans to do any more damage to her companion.  After a brief bout she accepted that Lord Genovasis was All Star's only hope. Automaton comforted her in his own cold mechanical way while Lord G reversed the polarities of the Professor's Meta-rays and attaching  the Damn Light Bulb to the machine blasted All Star. 

All Star revived but was weak and barely conscious.  The grateful All American Girl thanked Vanguard 13 and flew off carrying All Star to seek medical assistance at the rendezvous point.

As Automaton and Lord Genovasis were packing up the machinery,  the whole castle began to shake!  Suddenly, the ceiling burst into rubble and in flies The Iron Cross dragging the defeated  Crusader.  At that moment, Black Diamond regained consciousness and belted Lord Genovasis.  She then grabs Professor Drachen and they escape out through the hole in the ceiling.

A battle ensues with the powerful Iron Cross and, once his weakness is found through his rocket pack, he explodes.

Vanguard 13 gathers up the Archer and as much machinery as they can find and climbs up Prophylactica out through the ceiling and away from the burning lab.

On the surface they find the Ravagers have broken the Nazi's defenses and enter the castle's inner courtyard with about twenty prisoners who are soon executed.

Lord G, King Cobra and Automaton descend once again beneath the castle to find the remaining members of Vanguard 6.  Through the smokey haze they find Hangman beaten and tortured and locked inside a cell.  The Nazi's couldn't break him.  He's wary of his rescuers at first but soon realizes that they are there to aid him.  After Hangman is free, he vows to stay in Germany and wreck his own type of havoc upon the Nazi forces and goes off alone.

Exploring the rest of the now burning laboratory the party splits up.  Lord G and Cobra rescue a jail filled with captive Jews, no doubt destined to be subjects for Professor Drachen's experiments.

On his own, Automaton explores the last couple of smoke filled rooms and discovers strange 'alien' machinery being controlled by a shadowy insect like creature.  The creature turns towards the robot and a devise upon it's head glows but it has no affect upon the mechanical marvel.  In a dim glow, the mysterious creature disappears.

Suddenly, Automaton is blasted from behind by the last member of Vanguard 6, Centurion, who has been brainwashed.  Automaton calls over the radio for aid from his colleagues.  After a fierce battle with Centurion, who almost single-handedly defeats the three members of Vanguard 13, the final member of Vanguard 6 is finally rescued.  With that, the mission in Castle Drachenhaus is completed (well, Professor Drachen did get away).

Vanguard 13 meets at the rendezvous point and leave Germany.

Session Report

This was our last Icons session for now and the conclusion to our Golden Age segment of the campaign.  When next we pick up Icons we'll be in the Silver Age which I'm looking forward to.  The Silver Age should open up a lot of gaming possibility with atomic age villains, commies, cosmic villains, intelligent apes and a more ambiguous roles of good and evil.  It seems that everyone had a good time playing this heroes game though we did run into a few issues from time to time. 

In the next few weeks we'll be play-testing D&D Next (Corey will be running that one) and then we'll be returning to our long lost Swords & Wizardry campaign we haven't played since December.

If you'd like to read more of our Icons Golden Age wrap-up, head on over to the Shore City Chronicle, our Icons campaign news blog
VANGUARD 13 circa 1942:  King Cobra, Automaton, Lord Genovasis, Prophylactica,
The Scarlet Hood, Col. "Popeye" Sanders.  Nate Brown, aka the Sponge, is not pictured.

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