Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Paperback Roundup

I picked these up recently at a couple of different used book stores here in Tucson. Some delicious Frazetta covers as well as a cover by Bruce Jones promoting the fan fiction of DeCamp and Carter (excerpt from the upcoming Conan of Aquilonia).

I love me some paperbacks!


  1. Nice haul. I've got the two same Burroughs editions, myself.

  2. I have that edition of 'Pellucidar,' too. Love the cover art of 'Lost on Venus.'

  3. Been cruising good ol' Bookman's, I bet.

    The one near my house had a near-complete run of the Thongor series (and also a boxed edition of the old Thieves World RPG, which I, like a moron, failed to snatch up).