Monday, August 9, 2010

Level Me Up, Professor!

I've got a lot of interesting players in my group and I'll have to give you a run-down on them sometime.

One of my players, Max, has come into RPG's via video games. This is his first PnP campaign and, from what I understand, is enjoying it quite a bit, though, as with many gamers, the open-ended world of the 'sandbox' is a bit of a challenge. He is playing the character of Slick Vinny the Magic-user which is quite the challenge for a first time RPGer especially in an Swords & Wizardry old school style game, but Max has brought a lot of personality to Vinny and has presented him in some very interesting circumstances as he explores the realm of sandbox gaming.

But more to the point, Max is a graduate student exploring game-based educational technology as learning mediums for students and teacher here at the U of A. What's interesting in his recent post is his display of the student's progress report.

It's a very exciting sample of what education potential in the near future may hold. With generations growing up in the virtual environments of Video games and RPGs it would seem that the paradigm of educational level advancement would have to adapt to a technology literate generation.

This is one interesting example of that direction.

But you can't help to think how Gygax and Arneson have actually affected change in the world with their little set of rules.

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