Friday, February 4, 2011

Session XXIX: A Worm Of A Purple Hue

So, instead of leaving the lower bowels beneath Zenopus' tower, our favorite party decided to continue on with their exploration.

After having recovered the crystal cat's eye (guarded by an ever increasing larger feline), our party, lead by Tibag, left the mystic cat room and proceeded down the passage-way. Passing the opening where they had fought the wights many weeks ago, Tibag hears a soft shuffling sound. Leaving the rest of his companions behind, he sneaks into the dwarves tomb and spies a horrific site. Walking towards the party was a withered Mushroom-man that was slain the by wights - a Mushroom-wight!

As the battle begun, Televon, far back in the marching order, held up the holy symbol of Morpheius but the Mushroom-wight fails to take heed. As the front line fighters attack the wight, Tibag comes in from behind to slay the beast, instead, the unholy Mushroom turned and laid his icy touch upon the brave Tibag. But quickly the rest of the explorers finished off the Mushroom-wight before it could do any more harm.

Televon and Adessa, along with Gnarly, bless it's withered form to lay it to rest.

Moving on, Arven's Avengers passed through an arched opening into an expansive room with a four foot deep pool traversing the length of it. The room was covered in one inch white tiles.

Gnarly sends his Owl across the room to spy out the the darkened portion of the large hall. Through the eyes of the owl, Gnarly sees that the pool is filled with a layers of swirling liquid. As the others look over the edge of the pool they see breaking through the kaleidoscope of colors shining armor, weapons and coins of all kinds at the bottom.

Some in the party don't trust what they see on the bottom but Televon believes it to be a large wishing well and tossed a coin into the water. Adessa watched the ripples roll into the darkness but as they returned they became larger until bursting from the surface of the water was an enormous purple worm!

Immediately, the party lept into action to defend themselves from the horrid beast, Maudlin tossing her dwarven war-hammer, Wolfheir and Tibag hacking away at it with their swords, Gnarly and his mushrooms pounding away at it. Televon, however, went to swing at the worm with his mace but tumbled over the side of the pool and began to sink into the deceptively deep water.

The giant worm then dove down upon Gnarly and swallowed the druid whole! As the Druid slid down into the beast's gut, the rest of the party continued to hack away at it while Televon grabbed hold of it's back and tried to climb back to the surface.

Eventually the beast was slain. Gnarly, having slid out of one of the wounds dove down to aid the drowning cleric. With the help of Tibag, they pulled Televon back to the surface.

With most everyone safe once again, they turned their thoughts to hauling up the treasure hoard from the pool. Using sacks and nets, Tibag, Gnarly and Televon dove down below the surface and gathered the treasure, while the rest of the party helped haul it up and guarded the entrances to the chamber.

After a couple of hours of work (and without any additional trouble) they had all the gems, jeweled, coins, armor and weapons spread out upon the floor. They split it amongst themselves then made their way back to the surface and to their Moon-tower.

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  1. This was a great time, despite some cursed rolls, at least I didn't die!

    Can't wait to see the next session recap!


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