Friday, February 25, 2011

Sequentially D&D 1982

I dug these up the other day - one of my first attempts at doing some comic pages back in 1982 (freshman in high-school if I recall). Being, at the time, an 'aspiring' comic illustrator and avid role-player, I thought I'd blend my two passions together and came up with my Dungeons & Dragons comic pages (without a doubt inspired by TSR's comic book ads of the same era). I drew these two pages and began a third which was never finished it. I remember that in Dwarf falls down a pit and is separated from the party.

I find it fun that I used the Caves of Chaos as the setting with the typical fighter, dwarf, magic-user party. I actually copied these and handed them out to friends in my class who seemed to actually like it. It was at a time when the Moldvay basic set was just coming out and many kids (many of whom wouldn't normally even think about something like a FRPG) were curious about the game that is causing all the rage.

I'm happy to say that over the years my illustration skills have improved (at least I hope they have!).


  1. I like the way you were using some of your blacks, an yeah, your stuff now is awesome.

  2. I totally dig the magic-user's face on page 2, panel 4. Show us more!

  3. They have. :) But these have there own charm. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love it. Yeah I found some old sketchbooks from my High School era and it was an eye opener! LOL!

  5. these are awesome, you are already using some of Wally Woods sure fire panel shots. very cool to see sir!

  6. Awesome! I actually prefer this to most of the fantasy RPG illustration seen today, including your recent stuff (sorry). Stick to the old school!


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