Monday, February 14, 2011

My Top 10 Fantasy Actresses - REVISED

REVISED: Might as well go Top Ten

Okay, so maybe this is a bit gratuitous but here's my list of top 10 actresses that, whether through their films or characters in science fiction / fantasy and in some cases action films have left an memorable impressions upon my vision of those genres. I'm sure you all have different lists and for different reasons too but I present to you mine:

10. At ten we've got the fourth Doctor's time-traveling companion Sarah Jane Smith played by Elisabeth Sladen. She even made a number of return visits with a number of other Doctors. Hmmm, to be trapped in a Tardis....
9. Before she was Doctor Quinn she was a Persian Princess and the fortune telling Solitare working with James Bond in Live And Let Die. Let's hear it for the beautiful Jane Seymore!

8. At number eight we have a perrrrrfect match with Julie Newmar as none-other than Bat-Man's fiendish feline antagonist Catwoman. Pin-up, actress, 60's icon of campy super-hero action, and a skin-tight feline outfit to boot!

7. I can't deny requested 5th Element actress Mila Jovovich! HorrorAction star and not too bad on the eyes...oh, those eyes!

6. Number 6 is 60's starlet Diana Rigg of Avengers fame and the short-lived wife of James Bond. Any woman in a black skin-tight jumpsuit from the 60's will make my list anytime (see number 8). Get some kinky Avengers action here.

5. British actress Jenny Agutter lands at number five for her portrayal of sexually free Jessica in Logan's Run and for the beautiful yet tragic Nurse Alex Price in An American Werewolf in London. It's a wonderful night for a Moondance, indeed!

4. Coming in at number 4 we have Natalie Portman. At this point in time she has to be almost a given in this list. She started out as the young girl in The Professional, became the mother of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, had a pretty nasty V or Vendetta and is Nurse Foster in the upcoming Thor flick and has a kick-ass role in Your Highness!

3. Number 3 for me would fall to Adrienne Barbeau. She became a fixture in the 80's horror/fantasy realm with playing Maggie, Brain's Squeeze in "Escape From New York", the unforgettable drunken Billie in Romero's Creepshow and with a very exposed performance in Swampthing. Being married to master of horror John Carpenter didn't hurt either. She's also done much voice work for the Batman animated series.

2. Number 2 brings us to Caroline Munro who started out as a Hammer Glamor girl before moving on as Sinbad's freed slave girl during his 7th Voyage, explored the Earth's Core and went intergalactic in Starcrash. She even appeared as an exotic Bond Girl.

1. And finally, number one in my book would have fall to the stunning Italian actress Ornella Muti who played Princess Aura in the DeLaurentis' 1980's Flash Gordon movie. Her exotic look and heavy accent accentuated her fantastic allure and in my mind will forever set the bar for space fantasy. "No, not the Bore-worms!"


  1. No love for Milla Jovovich? I guess she is more Sci-Fi than Fantasy. However, most of the films cited above I probably would place in a similar category. ;>

  2. my additions would be:

    Lysette Anthony, Grace Jones and Sarah Douglas

  3. @Alan, yes you are correct, Milla could indeed be added tho this list.

    @geordie, ah, yes, Sarah Douglas!

  4. I'm going to have to add Erin Gray from Buck Rogers as well.

  5. @Alan, I thought about her as well. I may have to make this a Top Ten list!

  6. As you have, you should amend the "top five" tag, I think.

  7. Wot no Rhona Mitra? No Kate Beckinsale? No Claudia Black?

  8. Ah, yes, Adrienne Barboobs ;-) Oofa! She's one of my faves. She's on General Hospital now, of all things. My wife had an episode of the show on the other night, and when I glanced at the TV I thought to myself "Who's that older lady with the, ahem, ample bosom?" Sure enough, it was her.

  9. Hi Bliss: We recently watched an episode where Sladen returned and she still looks fantastic.


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