Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pulp Goes The Warlock!

That's right dear readers! The Warlock's Home Brew is proud to announce it's upcoming release of it's anthology pulp series Tales of High Adventure!

Tales of High Adventure will be a quarterly magazine filled with yarns by some of your favorite pulp authors from yesteryear. New stories and authors will also be showcased as well graphic tales and other good gritty stuff.

The book should be out sometime in December and I'll be posting some updates shortly. There will be a preview sampler available at the Tucson ComiCon this Saturday. Just stop by the IndieOnly booth and pick up your preview of Tales of High Adventure; a magazine of adventure, daring, mystery and suspense!

Submission Guidlines


  1. And are there submission guidelines for this?

  2. Yes, we will be having submissions for the second issue. I'll be posting them here in the next few days.

  3. Wishing you gobbles luck with your quarterly magazine.

  4. Wow, big news! Looking forward to seeing Issue 1!

  5. Thanks. This project has been a blast working on. I hope to post some preview samples sometime next week. I'm already looking forward to putting issue 2 together.

  6. This doesn't seem to have a listing on Duotrope ( - adding one is probably a good way to get submissions.

  7. Thanks for mentioning that, anarchist. I will post it up there once we send issue 1 off to the printers and can begin focusing on #2. I did check that out a while back and thought it was a great resource for writers.


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