Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last Night's Session Report

After a bit of a break from our usually scheduled Swords & Wizardry campaign (our group had an open game session last week) we got back into it last night.

It was an interesting session as it was laid-back and much more driven by reaction to outside events than dungeons, hacking and treasures, though all the players were involved. We also saw the return of Max who plays the character of Slick Vinny after a hiatus of a number of sessions (three if I recall).

I know I felt a bit tired, probably from a busy weekend and Christy did as well. Mike (Wolfheir), too, seemed a bit in lower gear after returning from a week long business trip. So I'm sure that contributed to the slower pace of the session, though Max, Corey and Clay seemed pretty ready to go.

Since it was 3 weeks since our last game and the players had left the dungeon at the end of that session, three weeks of game time has gone past as well. Usually when our sessions end in dungeons or traveling in the wilderness, we pick up right where we left off. However, if the PC's begin or end the session in town then however much time passes between sessions pass during game time as well. I believe I got that concept from 1st ed DMG and it's stuck with me ever since. I think it's a great little rule for campaigns. It forces the characters to spend their gold and gives them motivation for refilling their coffers. I like the passage of game time and try to incorporate that into play as much as possible. In this instance, much happened within the three weeks to 'move the story along' so to speak.

The events that have come to pass revolve around Zenopus' tower and the town of Caladan which indirectly have an affect on the events that the players have been involved with throughout the campaign. Also, Slick Vinny's disappearance for those three weeks added to the mysteries as well.

As the players meandered throughout town picking up rumors and interacting with some of the NPC's involved and purchasing equipment for their next foray into the town there was a lot of role-playing. Sometimes in a more mellow session, especially when the PCs are in town, actual role-playing comes to the forefront. As tired as I was, it made for an very fun and interesting session.

When the players finally returned to the tower at the end of the session, they discovered that they now are not the only ones delving the basement levels.

This was a nice break from the usual dungeon crawling and hacking and slashing. I found the session to be very enjoyable and satisfying and I think the players appreciated it as well.

We'll be posting an actual session recap shortly.

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