Monday, February 15, 2010

Session VII Tomb of the Iron God

We were short two players this session but that didn't stop the mayhem!

The current exploratory party includes:

Gnarly Blunderbrush - Human Aspirant
Gedleessmote Hammersend - Dwarf Warrior
Wolfheir - Viking Nomad from the North
Tibag Backstabber - Half-Elf Footpad
Slick Vinny - Human Medium

Non-Player Companions
Father Harris Priest of St. Mellon
Tero - watchman of Caladan
Moar - Enchanted Thug

Our party of brave souls continued to explore the Tomb of the Iron God. Opening a door they found a dust and grim filled chamber with an angled alcove in the corner. Cautiously entering the room and tapping along the floor for traps, Tibag made his way to the alcove. His tapping, however, revealed a curve of iron inlaid within the stone floor. As Tibag searched the alcove, Gedleesmote explored the room while Gnarly and Wolf cleared away some more of the dust on the floor to reveal a smaller circle of iron in the floor. Thinking that the circles of iron were part of some ritual for the Iron God, they avoided it and went through a secret door that Tibag had found in the alcove.

They entered an octagon shaped room with but a single door along with, to Gedlee's delight, frayed tapestries on the wall and rugs on the floor. Finding nothing in the room, Tibag listened at the sole door while the dwarf collected the room accents onto his cart.

Hearing nothing and opening the door the party was attacked by a large number of skeletons! Father Harris stepped forward with the symbol of St. Mellon and half the undead fled back into the room from whence they came while the rest battled with the party. Father Harris bashed through quite a few of the fiends while the rest of the party, with their bladed weapons, made do the best they could.

After some of Father Harris' healing the party decided that the best way to deal with the remaining skeletons was to pick them off at a distance with slings. After a few attempts at this, Father Harris became impatient and attacked these animated bones sending them back to hell, with the help of Wolfheir.

It seemed that the skeletons were huddling in a alcove within the room. Tibag, having much luck this evening, found a handle in the alcove under a rug. Wolfheir turned the handle opening a panel in the wall to reveal yet another room. Inside this room were three iron chests on the far wall.

Examining the chests, Tibag fofund that two were locked and one was not. He opened the one to find treasure inside. As Tibag tried to pick the locks of the other two, Tero came stumbling into the room, looking deathly and pale as three giant centipedes were crawling all over him. He collapsed on the floor as two of the creatures scuttled towards the party. Gedlee and Wolf made quick work of the over-sized insects and quickly finished off the last who had begun to consume the deceased Tero.

Being unable to open the two locked chests, it was decided that they would come back for them another time. Taking what treasure they had found along with Tero's body, they abandoned the rooms and made their way back to the corridor.

Following the hallway around the perimeter of the rooms they had just explored, they came upon a door that opened into a large empty room with but one other door out. Listening at the door they hear sinister giddy laughter and decide to burst in - which they did- and surprised a handful of goblins torturing a kitten.

Geedlee and Wolf quickly started hacking through the goblins but Gnarly, furious over the torture of the kitten, lit a flask of oil and tossed it at the remaining goblins. Unfortunately, his aim was short and ignited goblin, party and kitten!

As the party put itself out and the remaining goblins died a charred ruin, the opposite door burst open and in rushed another wall of goblins, lead by their husky captain! And it was here that Moar fell. The adventurers hacked and slashed their way through this hoard until their leader finally stepped up and stabbed Tibag in a brutal attack that left the half-elf near death! Wolfheir, in a fit of rage, made quick work of the captain. The last surviving goblin surrendered.

Questioning the prisoner, Grik-Grik, the party learned of living dead roaming the catacombs below where the goblins had looted some trinkets. They also come to find that Grik-Grik came from a larger party of goblins that have claimed these ruins as their own and are holed up somewhere on the opposite side of the temple.

Feeling a bit worn out at this point, the party decided to head back to Brakken with Grik-Grik as their prisoner. On their way out, Tibag fell into a pit. It is here that Grik-Grik pleaded for his freedom and said that he can lead the party back out and to avoid the traps. Gedleesmote told Grik-Grik that he had no choice but to lead them safely out or his corpse would rot down in the ruined tomb.

Grik-Grik alas complied and after disabling another pit trap, lead the party back out the way they had come. The party headed down the Path of the Dead back to the coastal village of Brakken.


  1. Sounds like another awesome session!

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